UKB: Graph Based Word Sense Disambiguation and Similarity

UKB is a collection of programs for performing graph-based Word Sense Disambiguation and lexical similarity/relatedness using a pre-existing knowledge base.

UKB has been developed by the IXA group in the University of the Basque Country.

UKB applies the so-called Personalized PageRank on a Lexical Knowledge Base (LKB) to rank the vertices of the LKB and thus perform disambiguation. The details of the method and its application to wordNet are described in [1,8]. It has also been applied on WSD on specific domains [2]. The algorithm can be used to calculate lexical similarity/relatedness of words/sentences [3,4] and to improve Information Retrieval Algorithms [6].

UKB has also been used on the medical domain, using the UMLS meta-thesaurus [5,7].


Mailing List

Please, pose any questions/problems you may have using the following mailing list: UKB mailing list

Source code repository

the git source code repository is at github using git, you can get the whole repository running:

Wordnet dumps

Click here to get graph relations of some versions of the English WordNet.
Click here to get graph relations of some versions of the Spanish WordNet.


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This work has been partially funded by European Community in the framework of ERA-NET CHIST-ERA Commission (project READERS) and Spanish Research Department (KNOW2 TIN2009-14715-C04-01).

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