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University of the Basque Country


All courses are offered every year with basically stable content. The 1st semester lasts from September to the end of Jaunary, the 2nd semester goes from Febraury to late June.

CSM1_1      Statistical Methods and Corpus Linguistics. [6 ECTS]     (LAP1)

LTM1_2      Linguistics for natural language processing [6 ECTS]    (LAP2)

LTM2_3      Computational Linguistics Morphology and Syntax. [9 ECTS]    (LAP3)

CSM1_5      Programming techniques for Natural Language processing. [6 ECTS]    (LAP5)

CSM2_6      Automata, Computability and Complexity Theory. [9 ECTS]    (LAP6) (Not offered this year)

CSM4_13    Artificial Intelligence and Advanced User Interaction. [4,5 ECTS]    (LAP13) (Not offered this year)

CSM3_8       Machine Learning. [4.5 ECTS]    (LAP8)

LTM3_4      Computational Logic, Semantics and Pragmatics. [9 ECTS]    (LAP4)

LTM4_9      Advanced Applications on Language Technologies. [9 ECTS]    (LAP9)

LTM4_10     Corpus-based computational semantics. [9 ECTS]    (LAP10)

LTM4_11     Advanced Methods for Corpus Analysis [4,5 ECTS]     (LAP11)

LTM4_12     Speech processing and speech technologies. [9 ECTS]    (LAP12)

CSM_18     Seminars on Language Technologies. Deep Learning. [4.5 ECTS](officially shown as:CSM3_7 Compiler Design) (LAP18)

Master’s Thesis

All LCT students must complete a 30-ECTS-credit Master’s Thesis as part of their programme. The process and requirements of the University of the Basque Country are as follows:

Completing the Master’s Thesis at the University of the Basque Country

TOPIC SELECTION: You must define your thesis topic by January. You will be assigned a supervisor based on this topic. As soon as you define your topic, you should contact your first year university so that you are assigned a supervisor there and informed about their requirements.

RESEARCH: Once you are assigned a supervisor, you will define the specific piece of research you will be carrying out and establish a work schedule. During the following months, your will have meetings with your supervisor, who will guide you through the research and write-up. CALLS: There are two submission calls for the master’s thesis, one in June and one in September.

SUBMISSION: You must submit a document describing your project (min. 50 pages) and defend it orally. You will have 20 minutes for the oral presentation. The panel consists of three members: your supervisor at UPV/EHU, your supervisor at the first year university and a UPV/EHU member of the LCT academic committee. Together, they decide on an overall grade.

Completing the Master’s Thesis at a partner University

The University of the Basque Country accommodates the processes and requirements of the partner Universities as much as possible. However, it is essential that you comply with a number of requirements.

SUPERVISOR: You must contact the local coordinator at UPV/EHU as soon as you have decided on your research topic so that you are assigned a supervisor at UPV/EHU. RESEARCH: Your supervisor should be informed about the specific piece of research you intend to carry out. The involvement of the UPV/EHU supervisor in guiding the research project will depend on your needs.

SUBMISSION: UPV/EHU will not interfere with the submission process and schedule of the partner University, with which you must comply. However, it is essential that you submit your work to your UPV/EHU supervisor prior to final submission at the partner University to obtain his/her approval.