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  Advanced Semantics

Associate professor
IXA research group

Computer Science Faculty
University of the Basque Country

tel: +34 943 015 019
fax: +34 943 015 590

This page is mainly for research dissemination, I guess. I am currently involved in the following research issues:   
  • Processing of Basque
  • Measures of relatedness/similarity among concepts, words, phrases and sentences
  • Word Sense Disambiguation and Named Entity Disambiguation  
  • Semantic Role Labeling
  • Information Extraction
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Reading
  • Domain adaptation of NLP tools and resources
  • Applications of semantic processing to IR, CLIR, QA and MT

Blog in Basque and English about the IXA NLP group.

You can check my list of projects and publications (also in Google citations and Msoft academic search) including a book on WSD:

Word Sense Disambiguation: Algorithms and applications (springer site, book site)
Series: Text, Speech and Language Technology , Vol. 33
Agirre, Eneko; Edmonds, Philip (Eds.)
2006, Approx. 385 p., Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4020-4808-4
2007, Approx. 385 p., Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4020-6870-6 

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A cartoon in Basque about WSD (c) Olariaga in berria.eus